From our three depots, one in the Borders, one in Angus and the other in Northumberland we are in a good position to offer our customers from Teeside to Aberdeenshire a high level of service and support.

Our dedicated team of qualified sales and service engineers are on hand to offer our many customers the benefit of their experience and are pleased to be able to offer the following range of new sprayers which offer the grower a very wide choice of reliable and suitable spraying equipment.    

New sprayers available from Bateman, Chafer, FarmGEM, Hardi and Knight.

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For details please contact:
DAVID PAUL          01573-224131        (Lothians & Borders)
JIM PITKEATHLY    01382-580808        (Tayside & Fife)
MARK VICKERS      07771-783302        (Northumberland & Durham)

Sprayers available nationwide. Please ring any of the above contacts for further information.

  • Hardi Sprayers
  • Knight Sprayers
  • Bateman Sprayers
  • Chafer Sprayers

Hardi has an outstanding range of mounted and trailed machines available at modest cost because of modern manufacturing techniques.

Hardi has a very high specification as standard equipment. Superb new range of booms in LPZ/LPY specification available on Mega Mounted and Commander/Navigator Trailed range. HAZ Twin Force Air Sleeve - justifies Hardi's claim of being the leaders in spraying technology.

British built at its best very high quality and long service life guaranteed.

If you are looking for a sprayer that will cope with a heavy work schedule on a large arable farm or agribusiness Knight sprayers offer very good value for money and long life. Equipped with the latest technology including full GPS integration and advanced fluid control, Knight sprayers are efficient and accurate.
The Knight Tractor Mounted Sprayer is available with tank capacities of 1300, 1600 and 1900 litres and boom widths up to 30m. The compact, close coupled design keeps the sprayer as close as possible to the tractor.
The 1830 Self Propelled sprayer is available in tank capacities from 3000 litres to 5000 litres and boom widths up to 40m. The automatically engaged four wheel steering system ensures minimum crop damage whilst maintain optimum stability.
The EU trailed sprayer is available in tank capacities from 2500 litres to 3600 litres and boom widths up to 30m. The automatic steering system ensures the sprayers wheels follow precisely in the track of the tractor keeping crop damage to a minimum.
The Bateman RB range of agricultural crop sprayers has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards for today’s arable farmer. Fitted with a choice of John Deere engines, fully hydrostatic four wheel drive gives 0-25 through four variable drive modes. Fully active suspension gives a comfortable ride with excellent stability on slopes, the chassis automatically stays parallel to the axle giving improved traction to all wheels.

The cab has good all round visibility allowing the operator to see the front wheels turning into row crop work. A single joystick controls forward and reverse with air operated spray on/off. The cab can be tilted hydraulically and the diesel tank lowered to give easy access for maintenance. The 360 deg roof lights gives good visibility for night work.
The unique 2/4 wheel steer system is fully hydraulic with a Positive Link eliminating the need for realignment providing stability in both 2 and 4 wheel steer modes. At the push of a button the hydraulic adjustable track can be change without the use of jacks, making the RB range ideal for variable crop widths .


Chafer Machinery build strong, technology advanced and simple to operate spraying equipment. Custom built for each individual customer, Chafer crop sprayers offer outstanding performance and productivity. Chafer Machinery’s range of trailed and demountable machines offer something for every farmer or contractor aiming to improve their spraying.
All Chafer sprayer are fitted as standard with a TeeJet 844 automatic rate controller. The TeeJet 844 Sprayer Control offers spraying advantages not found in other controllers. Designed with simplicity in mind, computer controlled spraying has never been so easy. Simply set your target application rate and the unique VisiFlo display on the 844 helps select the right TeeJet tip for the application. Once spraying begins, the large display shows application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed, and area covered.

The built in planning tool on the 844 automatically displays the speed needed to achieve the target rate with the specified tip. It will also calculate the pressure necessary for achieving the target application rate when speed is entered.

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