We have provided organic and natural answers for crops for over a quarter of a century. We recognise the need to produce food that the consumer wants, in the way that the consumer wants it.

Wallace of Kelso provides all organic inputs required from organic seed through to harvest, conforming and agreeing with, all requirements / restrictions imposed, for organic production.

The soil is of vital importance to all who produce food and the need to protect and nurture the soil is paramount. This is true whether an organic or non organic farmer, market gardener or simply a concerned one. By applying the correct product and technique the crops can be grown with the soil and its inhabitants in mind. We employ the latest and also some unique methods for our organic growers, employing the expertise and experience that we have gained over the years. This will allow for crops to be grown relatively pest free with no adverse affect on the earthworms, natural predators, fauna or water.
The boxes below will lead you to just a small selection of companies whose trusted products we supply.

  • Chase Organics
  • Yara Vita
  • Micromix


Micromix produces a wide and varied range of micronutrient formulations that are tailored to suit any combination of deficiency, climate, soil, crop, mix-ability and commercial considerations.

Whether your need is for a straightforward salt solution, or a product that mixes with difficult agrochemicals, is optimised for leaf coverage and adhesion , or rapid uptake, or even one that has additional yield-enhancing properties, Micromix will have a product to suit.

Flexibility is a great strength engendered by our manufacturing base, so don't be afraid to ask for a formulation that you might not see listed. The full product range is too big to list, even here.

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